PHD on Counseling Education

PHD on Counseling Education

PHD on Counseling EducationAn online doctorate in counselor education equips graduates to lead, educate, and supervise other counselors as well as improve their own counseling practice. The programs broaden graduates’ ability to advocate for the profession and clients and prepares them for careers in clinical, academic, and research settings. Counseling professionals with a Ph.D. in counselor education or an Ed.D. in counselor education can work in a variety of settings, including clinics, hospitals, schools, nonprofits, and independent practice.

Online programs offer individuals the opportunity to acquire counselor education knowledge and skills from home. The programs usually incorporate several short, in-person residencies so students can connect with instructors and benefit from face-to-face feedback and personal insight.

What Can You Do With a Doctoral Degree in Counselor Education?

Clinical Counseling Supervisor: A clinical counseling supervisor oversees the work of other counselors and completes hiring and administrative duties in a clinical setting such as a hospital. They often also provide direct counseling to clients.

Director of Counseling: Directors of counseling typically head the counseling departments of schools, overseeing managerial duties such as hiring and employee training along with occasionally providing counseling to students. The position often requires a doctoral degree, but educational requirements vary depending on the school.

Postsecondary Teacher: Many students return to earn a doctorate in counseling education in order to work as a professor at a college or university. Counseling professors lecture and teach but also need strong research and analytical skills.

Postdoctoral Research Associate: A postdoctoral research associate assists a tenured professor or senior researcher with their research in an academic setting. Their duties can range from helping investigators carry out experimental procedures to conducting quality control on research methodology.

Clinical Counseling Director: A clinical counseling director ensures high quality of behavioral healthcare at a mental health agency, rehabilitation center, or other social service agency. Because they work in independent clinical settings, they typically make more than supervisors at large hospitals.

Choosing an Online Counselor Education Doctorate Degree Program

Program Cost: Program cost can vary widely. Many public schools offer a reduced tuition rate for in-state students, while private schools typically charge the same rate for all students. Some schools offer a reduced tuition rate for online credits, while others do not make this distinction. The more time you spend on the degree, the greater the cost.

Transfer Policies: Transfer policies vary from school to school. Many public schools feature more generous transfer policies catering to in-state transfer students through articulation agreements with regional schools. These articulation agreements can prevent students from repeating coursework, saving them money and time.

School Size and Type: Generally, private schools feature small class sizes but cost more than public school options. Public schools cost less and tailor more to nontraditional learners in their requirements, but their larger enrollment numbers can lead to a less personal learning experience.

Program Length: Program length depends on several factors, including the number of required credits, courseload, and whether the program is available in an accelerated format. Most online counselor education doctoral programs take two years to complete, though they can take up to four years if taken part time.

On-Campus Requirements: Some programs may require a residency or other on-campus components. However, many are offered in a fully online format or feature a very light residency requirement. If a program requires a residency or other on-campus elements, you may need to prioritize in-state options or consider committing to a long-term move.

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